An-Monal is a deserted Kiriath city on the western slope of a volcano near Yhelteth. The crater at the top of the volcano actively churns with lava. It is the location that the Kiriath arrived on Earth, and also where they left.

The Y'hela river runs from Yhelteth on the coast past An-Monal. It is a few hours ride from An-Monal to the harbor on the river.

The Helmsman Manathan resides at An-Monal. It is responsible for holding the volcanic forces at An-Monal in equilibrium. Tharalanangharst says "The pressure walls at An-Monal are among the most powerful defensive engineering ever conceived by Kiriath science." Flaradnam resided at An-Monal. It is where Ravensfriend was forged.

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